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PAYMENT TERMS: Net 30, all payments are made to be US. Dollar.

DEPOSIT: A deposit will be required for any rental customer which has no open account terms.

Personal Checks will not be accepted.

NOTE: ALL Rental Customers shall be on a business to business basis only.

NOTE: ALL Rental Customers must provide either a signed FED TAX I.D. or E.I.N.

TRANSPORTATION: Customer is responsible for all inbound and outbound freight and shipping charges incurred to and from Jones Hydraulic Service.

RENTAL DURATION: A minimum “RENTAL PERIOD”, is 2 days. After the minimum, the rental rate is prorated on a per day basis, noting a 5 day week.

TERMINATION OF RENTAL: Rental will be terminated upon notice from the customer to JONES HYDRAULIC SERVICE (JHS), provided the equipment is returned to JHS within 24 hours of notification. Failure to return the equipment within this time will extend the rental period until the equipment is physically received by JHS. Failure to return any components rented will extend the rental for the component until received by JHS.

DAMAGE TO EQUIPMENT: Customer agrees to pay for any all damages to equipment, due to or as a result of fire, theft, negligence, willfull destruction, improper use, or loss. If in the opinion of JHS, the equipment is being used in an abusive, dangerous, or unlawful manner JHS may, at its discretion, demand the surrender of the rented equipment via telephone or telefax. Customer agrees to immediate surrender.

NON-FUNCTIONAL EQUIPMENT: Should during the rental period the equipment fail to properly function the rental period will bill from initial time until failure or equipment provided JHS is notified with 6 hours of equipment failure. Should customer fail to notify JHS of any failure within the time frame allowed, the rental will be billed until completion.

RESPONSIBILITY: If the customer rents equipment and later finds the equipment cannot be used at no fault to JHS, them customer is responsible for full rental charges and shipping. Customer will not sub-rent or allow any usage of product rented, to be used, or borrowed by anyone other than customers trained employees.

WARRANTY: JONES HYDRAULIC SERVICE is NOT a manufacturer of the equipment rented. Therefore can not and will not extend any warranty other than those written by the specific manufacturers. Customer further agrees to hold harmless, JONES HYDRAULIC SERVICE, its officers, and all other employees, in the event of any damages, catastrophic failure, or personal injury.  Any pumps” or “consoles”, rented are not explosion proof. Failure to take proper safeguards is not the responsibility of JHS. Furthermore, JHS is not responsible for the usage of the equipment when used in unsafe, dangerous or inappropriate manner. During the rental period the customer is responsible for checking that all hydraulic fittings and hoses are properly tightened and are not positioned improperly causing the breakage of these accessories. Customer will be provided a safety/operations manual with which he is to familiarize him/herself and all other users. Failure to read this is not the responsibility of JHS.

EQUIPMENT CONDITION: Any equipment rented from JHS will be shipped out clean and functionally tested to operate according to manufacturers specifications. Customer is responsible for returning the rental equipment as clean as possible. Should the equipment require cleaning JHS may at its discretion charge a clean up fee, in addition to the incurred rental fees.

AGGREEMENT AND CONDITIONS: The signed delivery ticket shall also serve as agreement that the customer has full read in its entirety and is in full agreement. Should this equipment be rented via telephone, telefax, or letter and the equipment shipped to the customer, a copy of this agreement will be enclosed. Customer automatically agrees to the terms and conditions stated herein unless immediate notification is received via telephone or letter, addressed to JONES HYDRAULIC SERVICE.