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Get the visibility and protection that you need from high visibility work gear and reflective clothing.  Jones Hydraulic Services represents many of the leading manufacturers of high visibility (hi vis) and reflective safety clothing.   Such as GSS Safety,  SAS Safety,  and Southern Glove.

Our selection includes a wide range of Class 2 and Class 3 high visibility work gear that includes reflective safety vest, high visibility shirts, impact gloves as well as high visibility hard hats.

Look to Jones Hydraulic to make sure your workers are visible, safe and comfortable.

We are committed to providing quality high visibility work wear and reflective safety clothing that is in stock and ready to ship from our Houston facility.  If you are located in the Houston area, stop by and visit our Hydraulic Tool & Safety Supply Showroom located at 5955 Armour Dr.  Houston, TX 77020. Showroom hours are M-F: 8:00am-5:00pm.

  • Class 2 Safety Vests
  • Class 3 Safety Vests
  • Safety T-Shirts
  • 5 Point Breakaway Vest
  • Hyper-Lite Safety Vest
  • Class 3 Black Bottom T-Shirts

If you have specific needs for your workforce, we can help.  Contact our Safety Specialists at 713-674-9571 or you can complete the form below for a quick response.  We look forward to helping you address your particular safety needs.

Industrial hi-visibility Safety Apparel Information

ANSI/ISEA 1007-2010 CLASS 2

Background Fabric: 775 Square Inches;
Reflective Material: 201 Square Inches;
Reflective Width: 1.375 Inch
APPLICATIONS: Roadway construction workers / Utility workers / Survey crews /
Railroad workers / School crossing guards / Airport baggage handlers / Law enforcement personnel / Emergency response personnel


ANSI/ISEA 1007-2010 CLASS 3

Background Fabric: 1240 Square Inches;
Reflective Material: 310 Square Inches;
Reflective Width: 2 Inch
APPLICATIONS: Roadway construction workers / Utility workers /Survey crews /
Emergency response personnel


Products that meet ASTM 1506 standards are inherently flame resistant, while NFPA 701 products are chemically treated to make the base fiber flame retardant.
(GSS Item: 3501-3504)
ASTM APPLICATIONS: Ideal for any worker requiring high visibility and protection from flames, sparks, arc flashes and other possible introductions to flammable situations