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Conventional Range
The CTST range of bolt tensioning tools are some of the most compact and reliable tensioners available today. These bolt tensioning tools have been designed to fit on most ANSI – API – MSS Pipe line flanges.

Seal Reliability
Seal reliability is a fundamental requirement. All Tentec tensioners have polyurethane self-energising lip seals requiring no adjustment. The seals ‘snap fit’ into the piston housing, remain firm and will not dislodge and cause failure after prolonged use. As the seals are machined and not moulded, size is not restricted, allowing no compromise in tensioner design.

The TENTEC seal exhibits a much lower coefficient of friction than nitrile seals used in many other hydraulic bolt tensioning tools. This benefit, in conjunction with a special anti-extrusion device, allows the tool piston/ ram to be returned to its closed position with minimal effort.

User Safety
When using hydraulic bolt tensioners, it is important that the maximum movement of the piston/ram is not exceeded. In the unfortunate situation when stroke is exceeded, a simple failure mechanism inside most TENTEC tensioners directs any escaping fluid away from the operator and deposits it inside the device. A red warning indicator line becomes visible as the maximum piston extension position is reached.

Link Hose System
One of the many advantages of hydraulic bolt tensioning, is the ability to link a number of tensioners together and load simultaneously all the bolts on a joint. Although this gives excellent load distribution, an enormous variety of flexible hose assemblies are necessary – which confuse the user. To overcome this problem TENTEC offer a single assembly called a ‘Link hose’. This length of flexible high pressure hose, fitted with male and female quick connect couplings at opposite ends is fast and an economical method of connecting multiple tensioners together – the number of hoses required is the same as the number of tools to be linked – a simple formula to remember.